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Crunch Report | Google To Stop Scanning Inboxes

 Today’s Stories  Google now has all the data it needs, will stop scanning Gmail inboxes for ad personalization Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 will reportedly be the company’s most expensive smartphone yet YouTube TV expands to 10 more U.S. markets, adds more YouTube Red series Tesla said to be in talks to create its own streaming music…


Medical records join revenge porn, credit card numbers for Google removal

Enlarge (credit: Getty | Chris Ryan ) Alphabet Inc.’s Google has now added personal medical records to the list of things it’s willing to remove from search results upon request. Starting this week, individuals can ask Google to delete from search results “confidential, personal medical records of private people” that have been posted without consent….


Google will stop scanning your Gmail for ad targeting later this year

Google built an empire by collecting your data to sell ads, but soon one of Google’s more intrusive methods of data collection is coming to an end. In a blog post this morning, Google says it will cease scanning Gmail inboxes to personalize ads sometime “later this year.” The change mirrors how Google’s “G Suite”…


Algorithmia raises $10.5M Series A round led by Google’s new AI fund

Word recently spread that Google had quietly launched a new fund for investing into AI companies. Now this fund has made its first (or at least its first public) investment, leading a $10.5 million Series A into Algorithmia, a marketplace and enterprise solution that allows developers to easily tap into its catalog of 3,500 algorithms,…


Algorithmia raises $10.5 million from Google’s new AI fund and others

Algorithmia, a startup that provides a platform for simplifying the use of machine learning in production, has raised a $10.5 million series A round led by Google. The raise confirms the existence of Google’s rumored artificial intelligence fund . Anna Patterson, the tech giant’s vice president of engineering for AI, will join Algorithmia’s board as…


6 things YouTube announced at VidCon 2017

YouTube was in attendance once more at the annual online video conference VidCon, hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. In years gone by, the Google-owned video-streaming titan has used the event to make a number of notable announcements, such as new tools for creators and mobile livestreaming . In case you missed the livestream…


YouTube's VR 180 and Daydream cameras bring immersive video to traditional creators

Even if you’ve never strapped on a virtual reality headset, if you’re a heavy YouTube user, you’ve probably stumbled upon a 360 video on the site and thought: This looks interesting, but very weird and hard to watch in my browser.  YouTube has been obviously been paying attention to these kinds of comments and has…


Google proposes regulation that gives law enforcement easier access to user data stored abroad

(Reuters) — Alphabet’s Google will press U.S. lawmakers on Thursday to update laws on how governments access customer data stored on servers located in other countries, hoping to address a mounting concern for both law enforcement officials and Silicon Valley. The push comes amid growing legal uncertainty, both in the United States and across the…


Google Glass is apparently still around — and just got its first update in nearly three years

 Dust off your Google Glasses, those who still have them — the $1,500 face computer is back in the spotlight today with a few updates. In its first update since September 2014, Google Glass got a “MyGlass” companion app update, some bug fixes and now supports Bluetooth. Read More Read full post on techcrunch.com