EU to tech companies: You're going to have to start taking responsibility for hate speech

In a move that would mark a major turning point for how governments regulate what is posted on online, European Union ministers have voted to establish a universal set of content rules companies like Facebook would be forced to follow.  The vote, which came on Tuesday , is not the final step; EU Parliament still…


Forget augmented reality glasses—AR windows are here today

We hear a lot of talk about the possibility of augmented reality glasses in the future, but it turns out there’s another way engage the technology that might be more social: through an interactive window.  SEE ALSO: Google buys VR company Owlchemy That’s the idea behind a new prototype device called DeepFrame from Denmark-based RealFiction….


This hot MacBook replacement is from a company you've never heard of

Laptops are hot fire once again. Microsoft announced its first laptop, the Surface Laptop , earlier this month, and now Huawei, the world’s third-largest phone manufacturer, is getting into Windows 10 laptops, too. SEE ALSO: Huawei’s new Honor 8 Pro smartphone has 6GB of RAM, ultra-slim design Though Huawei is known mostly for its budget…


UNICEF launches free app that converts your daily steps into life-saving nutrition

UNICEF is ramping up its efforts to help American kids get active and save lives, and it’s using tech to do it. Two years after it officially launched its Kid Power fitness bands , which help kids convert their daily steps into life-saving nutrition for malnourished children in the developing world, the organization has launched…


LeEco collapse continues as CEO cedes control; 85% of US workforce to be cut

Enlarge LeEco, often called the “Netflix of China,” is in the news again, and again it’s because another disaster has befallen the company. After announcing a $2 billion merger with TV maker Vizio and then cancelling it , as well as purchasing a Silicon Valley property from Yahoo and then selling it , LeEco’s rapid expansion to…