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The New Eero Wi-Fi Routers Bring Glorious Minimalism to Mesh Networking

Eero knocked our socks off last year , when the small startup proved that wi-fi routers didn’t need to be ugly, impossible-to-use gadgets. And now, with its second generation of mesh-networking devices, Eero looks like they’ve changed the game again. Not only are the new Eeros faster. They’re friggin’ tiny! Read more… Read full post…


Take a Big Sip of the New Bone Hurting Juice Meme

There’s a memorable gag from the (unfortunately revived) Arrested Development that goes like this: A character sees a brown paper bag labeled “dead dove, do not eat,” opens the bag anyway, reacts in disgust, and then remarks, “I don’t know what I expected.” It’s a pretty good approximation of how the bone hurting… Read more……